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WNSO UK managed to secure some scholarship for Nepalese students since 2006. In February 2007, three students from Nepal came to study in the UK under WNSO – ICON college scholarship program. Finding scholarship is never ending process and WNSO UK will continue to explore possibilities of scholarship for Nepalese students.
WNSO Nepal now has open application for 4 scholarships for September 2007 intake to study in the UK. If you want to take this opportunity, you need to be in Nepal at the time of application. Please visit WNSO Nepal website for more information http://www.wnso.org.np

All the Nepalese students studying in the UK are requested to attend WNSO gathering on 21 July 2007 where we are expected to announce some scholarship for those who are studying in the UK. Please stay tune for venue and time.

Contact us:
Email: uk@wnso.org
Forum: http://chautari.wnso.org

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