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UK Education System

The UK has a well-deserved reputation world-wide for providing high quality and reputable higher education. There are over 130 higher education institutions in the UK that are permitted to award a wide variety of degrees to suit most educational aspirations. All institutions have degree awarding powers recognised by the UK authorities (UK and Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies).

There are also over 550 colleges and other institutions which do not have degree awarding powers but provide courses leading to degrees. Courses at these institutions are validated by institutions which have degree awarding powers.

You can study for the following awards at UK institutions: Doctorates, Masters Degrees, Bachelors Degrees, Ordinary Degrees, Foundation Degrees and a variety of other higher education qualifications including diplomas and certificates.

The growth of the Internet has enabled UK Institutions to make information on their courses available to a global audience. This growth and the need for more flexible provision, opening higher education up to a wider group of people means that many universities and colleges now offer their degrees through distance learning.

The UK authorities recognise those institutions which have been granted degree awarding powers by either a Royal Charter or an Act of Parliament. These are known as recognised bodies. All UK universities and some higher education colleges are recognised bodies.

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