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The WNSO Network (Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation and its dimensions) is not affiliated with any corporate, governmental or political organisations. Its primary objective is to extend whole-hearted assistance to Nepalese students eager to step into overseas studies.

The WNSO Network does not intend to control the content of its discussion forum or its website. However, any kind of illicit, adult or offensive subject matter or copied and pirated materials will not be accepted and and will be deleted where deemed necessary without the consent of the contributors. While WNSO does not intend to control the information posted into the Chautari (Forum) and is under no obligation to monitor the postings, any such posts relating to the prohibitions listed above may be removed without any further explanation.

The Chautari (Forum) is open to people from all walks of life. Visitors are free to post on any issue that comes under the periphery of WNSO network as long as they are not offensive to the other members of the Forum. Visitors to the Forum are also warned that despite precautions on the behalf of the moderators and other visitors they may come across contentious, inaccurate, appropriate or offensive posts. We hereby request all visitors to be cautious and to assume due responsibility for any decisions they make take on the basis of information they obtain on the Forum. The WNSO Network is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on the Forum, and is not liable for damages incurred through the Forum. Visitors access the WNSO site and the Forum at their own risk. Visitors dissatisfied with the contents of the site, including that of the Forum, User Policy and Terms of service  are advised to leave the WNSO site to prevent further damage and impediments.

The WNSO Network reserves the right to disclose any information where necessary to satisfy any practicable and applicable law, regulation, judicial request/process or governmental request, and to edit, reject or to remove any kind of contributing material, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever.

Contact us:
Email: uk@wnso.org
Forum: http://chautari.wnso.org

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