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Courses Available

UK offers wide range of courses. Basically, there is no course that you cannot find in the UK that is offered elsewhere. You can search course via UCAS (University and College Admission Service), which is an organization which administers entry to universities and colleges, formed in 1993 by an amalgamation of UCCA and PCAS.

UCAS basically arrange admission for British Colleges funded by government or education council. These colleges are comparatively expensive than privately funded college, however you may find better facilities in these colleges.

Most international students prefer to study in private college because privately funded colleges has small class, normally located in centre of city or town, designed to meet International students’ requirement such as working hours and study hours are tailor made to make sure International students can work part time without hampering their study etc.

If you are planning to study in privately funded college please be aware of some colleges who designed their own degree that is not recognised anywhere. It is an offence in the UK for any organisation to offer a degree qualification which could be taken to be that of a recognised UK institution. The relevant legislation in this area is the Education Reform Act 1988.

There is British Accreditation Council (BAC) that monitors private college for their standard of education. You can check which college is BAC accreditation by visiting BAC website.

We recommend students to visit our Chautari forum and join our live interaction with other experienced students and research more about the course and college you going to enrol. It is worth spending some time to research and interaction before you commit big decision of your life.

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