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WNSO thanks you for visiting our site!

World Nepalese Student Organisation (WNSO) is a highly esteemed platform for students from Nepal. It was established by a group of pioneering students whose primary objective was the provision of accurate and comprehensive information for those eager to study abroad.

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The idea for WNSO stemmed from the recognition of a major problem facing prospective overseas students from Nepal. Over the years, countless students have fallen easy prey to mediators and brokers. Often, they have had to spend huge amounts of money in order to secure visas and university places. With no information about possible alternatives, these students often ended up the victims of their own circumstances.

Through the meticulous observation of the causes of this problem, a group of enthusiastic students took immediate and vigorous steps to launch this site in order to give potentially vulnerable students proper assistance in stepping into overseas studies, and to provide continuing support in their host countries.

 Today, WNSO has emerged as an extensive umbrella network for students across the world irrespective of their beliefs, religion, sex or ethnic origin.

WNSO does not have any affiliations with corporate, political or governmental organisations. In this spirit, we welcome you to visit and contribute to http://uk.wnso.org and http://www.chautari.wnso.org. Please tell your friends and family about WNSO.

If you have a website please consider creating a link with www.uk.wnso.org .
If you wish to communicate with us please use our FORUM or e-mail us at uk@wnso.org

With warm regards, we remain at your service.


Contact us:
Email: uk@wnso.org
Forum: http://chautari.wnso.org

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